Exploring, Discovering, Learning

I want to make the Past, both History and Prehistory, more exciting, relevant and 'hands-on'. It's a fun place with some great stories, I want to share these with everyone.
I work with schools, museums, community groups, either at their place or outdoors in the Landscape.
I develop and deliver projects. I create resources. Exploring the Past and our shared heritage, bridging the divide and Discovering the links between these artefacts, sites or museum and Us. I try to put objects back in context, helping people Learn about the past. I use objects, both orginal and replica, costume, crafts and role play, in other words - Living History.

I'm a member of a small group of like-minded people - The Deja Crew

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Lovely Lanercost

Things have been busy over the last fortnight - Discovery Visits at Housesteads, Family Man sessions in primary schools across Tyneside and Wearside and an evening session with Victor the Veteran at Once Brewed YHA for a group from St Helen's.  The weekend of 15th/16th June saw The Deja Crew at the Lanercost Experience Tea Rooms.  We set up a small Roman Forum,

as usual Victor the Veteran wasn't too far away...

I'm sure that's not as tidy as Prefect would like!

Shamus told stories

Nest spun thread and wove cloth
Muriel used her herbs to good effect

and Gaius Bellicus made pots

We talked to many interested folks, including a busload of Americans on a whistlestop tour of Hadrian's Wall, they found us so interesting that the coach driver had to rev the engine and toot the horn to get them onback on board!!

The next Deja Crew event is
Maryport - 15th to the 18th of August where we'll be at Senhouse Roman Museum and Roamin' about the Town of Maryport!   
Hope to see you there.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Where's Rufus?

In addition to working with schools and other groups, this Summer I'll be out and about as Rufus Aelius Victor at a number of public events.

15/16 June - The Roman's are Back! - This time at Lanercost Tea Rooms, The Deja Crew will be helping to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Hadrian's Wall National Trail.  There'll be Storytelling with Shamus, Herbs with Muriel, Potter Gaius Bellicus, Nest the Weaver, Sulwyn making Jewellery and of course Rufus Aelius Victor

29 June - Arbeia Roman Fort - Victor the Veteran will be running a 'Roman Boot Camp' for new recruits - more details will follow, when I've worked out what that is!

27 July - Chilton Village Gala - There'll be a Roman encampment with Roma Antiqua and some of The Deja Crew, we'll be doing Roman Crafts

15-18 August - Maryport Roman Festival - The Roman's are Back!  It's The Deja Crew again, this time we'll not only be at Senhouse Roman Museum, but we'll be out and about in Maryport.  There'll be Storytelling with Shamus, Herbs with Muriel, Potter Gaius Bellicus, Nest the Weaver, Sulwyn making Jewellery and me, Rufus Aelius Victor
More details will follow.

8/9 September -The Roman's are Back!  This time around the village of Ravenglass, The Deja Crew will be helping to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Hadrian's Wall National Trail.  There'll be Storytelling with Shamus, Herbs with Muriel, Potter Gaius Bellicus, Nest the Weaver, Sulwyn making Jewellery and of course, Rufus Aelius Victor.

Looks like it's going to be a busy Summer, I'll post the details as they happen.  Hope the Sol Invictus is kind to us