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I want to make the Past, both History and Prehistory, more exciting, relevant and 'hands-on'. It's a fun place with some great stories, I want to share these with everyone.
I work with schools, museums, community groups, either at their place or outdoors in the Landscape.
I develop and deliver projects. I create resources. Exploring the Past and our shared heritage, bridging the divide and Discovering the links between these artefacts, sites or museum and Us. I try to put objects back in context, helping people Learn about the past. I use objects, both orginal and replica, costume, crafts and role play, in other words - Living History.

I'm a member of a small group of like-minded people - The Deja Crew

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

6/7 August - The Romans Return to Hardwick Country Park

For the third year running The Deja Crew were invited to 'The Romans Return' Event at Hardwick Country Park, despite the torrential rain on the Saturday it was again a very popular event.

For some reason most recruits prefer the Offcier's Crest to that of the lower ranks!

The event gave me a chance to try out some of the new bits of kits I've been making -

Subarmalis or arming jacket

Wooden Practice Gladius
As far as I can tell, there is very little evidence about what Romans wore under their armour.  The word 'subarmalis' is mentioned in a few places, but none have ever been found (they are made of things that decay quickly).  There are some images on Trajan's Column and wall paintings, so my attempt is really a bit of guesswork.
There are references to recruits training with weighted wooden swords to build their strength, this one is twice the wieght of an ordinary gladius.

And finally...
                     ...Roman Underpants!

Subligaculum or 'little binding beneath!
A sort of loin cloth, there are images from Pompeii showing what Romans wore beneath their togas.

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