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Monday, 25 June 2012

Best School Trip Ever!

It's Official.
Picture the scene,
 it's raining, a group of damp school children have just finished a session with Rufus Aelius Victor, the Evocatus and are now getting their hands dirty with Gaius Bellicus, the Potter - a voice from the back says  'this is the best school trip EVER!'   
Makes it all worthwhile.
The weather was good for the first 2 days, so bright the camera on my phone couldn't cope with the sunshine!

 Feedback from a Teacher
The quality of the learning experience was excellent.  The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Fort, and learned much about the Roman way of life.  The Roman soldier was very popular, with his drill and shield formations,
However the last day was a bit wet, but the Children and Teachers were equal to the task;
Thank you for a wonderful day in Piercebridge we all really enjoyed the activities and the children had a great time even though it was wet.  I would definitely recommend this trip and if it was carried out again next year we would definitely come again.  Thanks again. 
Well done to all the Children and the Staff that came with them!


This is the first time that Schools Workshops have been held at Morbium.  The site is looked after by the Head of Steam - Darlington Rail Museum and Darlington Brough Council.  We ran schools activities during the morning, the children met the Commanding Officer's Wife - Aurelia (Sarah Gouldsbrough, the Learning Officer from the Head of Steam); a Potter - Gaius Bellicus (Graham Taylor from Potted History) and myself, a Veretan from the Legions.

During the afternoons we were there for the Public.  We had a good number of visitors, many local to the village.
It was a really good 3 days - we even got a mention in The Northern Echo on Wednesday 20th June.
Hope to see you all again next year.

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