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I want to make the Past, both History and Prehistory, more exciting, relevant and 'hands-on'. It's a fun place with some great stories, I want to share these with everyone.
I work with schools, museums, community groups, either at their place or outdoors in the Landscape.
I develop and deliver projects. I create resources. Exploring the Past and our shared heritage, bridging the divide and Discovering the links between these artefacts, sites or museum and Us. I try to put objects back in context, helping people Learn about the past. I use objects, both orginal and replica, costume, crafts and role play, in other words - Living History.

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Friend of Epiacum

One of the things I like about this line of work is the sense of continuity that sneaks up on you.  I have just become a 'Friend of Epiacum'.  In May 2010 is was lucky enough to be the Roman Army recruiter for Epic Epiacum (see blog post 27 July 2010) where over 200 local school children experienced this little known gem of a  Roman Fort.

Last year Cockfield Primary School who had been to Epic Epiacum, the year before asked me to visit their school and run a workshop.
22 May 2012 I was invited to the Launch of  the Epiacum Heritage, a volunteer run project that has come about because of the drive of Elaine Edgar

Stewart Ainsworth, of English Heritage and Time Team, has championed Epiacum for several years and told a 100-strong audience at the launch: “It is probably the best-preserved fort in the Roman Empire and a flagship for our project.” Mr Ainsworth, who is to be president of the Friends of Epiacum group, added: “Whitley Castle was at the hub of a thriving landscape and was vitally important..." (http://www.journallive.co.uk) 

The intention is to turn the site into a resource for schools and the local community.

The projects' website will be live in a few weeks at  http://www.epiacumheritage.org/  

Hopefully the project will continue to grow and grow and I wish Elaine and her fellow volunteers all the Very Best for the future.


  1. Just came accross this as I was searching for existing web content for the website!! Thank you!!Your picture made our website - looking forward to training more recruits in Septmebr with you!! Elaine

    1. Thanks,the website is looking good. I'll add a link when I update things over the next few days. Looking forward to September.
      regards, Roy